Belial's Brood

Not every covenant is as fully structured as the rest.
Indeed, some covenants are local phenomena or simply
too small to merit the elaborate systems that the
larger ones have in place. With Belial’s Brood, however,
covenant law is unnecessary because, “Do as thou
wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

A loose confederation of Satanists, demon-worshippers
and overt miscreants, Belial’s Brood claims
that the origin of the Damned is literally from Hell
itself. Vampires are not their own unique species, they
are “demons” given mortal form or devils who have found
passage from the Pit’s sulfurous depths to the surface of the
world. The purpose of the Damned, in the opinion of this
covenant, is to indulge the dark urges that the Beast imparts.

The Brood is truly a hellish faction of Kindred. Members
exult in their wickedness, inflicting pain and misery with no
remorse and even less discretion. While Belial’s Brood is about,
buildings burn, mortals die under overturned cars, and shocked
victims covered in blood stagger down streets before collapsing.
The Damned should be the Beast incarnate, they preach.
Vampires serve none but the Devil himself!

Belial’s Brood rarely survives long in any given domain.
Its behavior is antithetical to the continued existence of the
Kindred, both under literal and interpretative understandings
of the Masquerade, so few Princes suffer its ilk to establish
havens or stay in their demesnes. Even if Princes didn’t rally
entire domains against them, members of the Brood would probably
bring their own Final Death about sooner rather than later.
Their overt acts and blatant wickedness tend to earn
them the attention of witch-hunters, mortal authorities
and other groups who don’t want the demoniacal
murderers threatening them.

The truly remarkable aspect of Belial’s Brood is that, even with
all right-thinking Kindred efforts to stamp them out, the same
Satanic ideology survives to take root elsewhere. Belial’s Brood is
seldom sophisticated enough to remain secret or hidden for long,
and Princes who have destroyed cells to their last member are often
surprised to see the phenomenon return a score of years later.
The group’s chaotic philosophy is too manic for the covenant to
truly have a center anywhere, but if that’s the case, how does the
same sectarian philosophy keep resurfacing if the covenant’s many
enemies are so vigilant in rooting it out and destroying it?

Belial's Brood

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