Gangrel: The One’s You Can’t Kill


Quote: “Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Rabbit, how do you do? I’m the Br’er Devil and I’m comin’ for you.”
Nickname: Savages
Favored Attributes: Composure or Stamina
Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Protean, Resilience
Something dead approaches. It comes from way out, where The End eats the road. It is a brother to owls and a companion to scarecrows. No escape. You’ll try to kill it, but it will not die. You’ll try to outrun it, but it will lope after on four feet. You’ll try to escape, but it goes where other monsters fear to tread. You’ll lock yourself in a tower or a vault, but it will come on nighted wings or as ravenous smoke. You’ll plead to its human face, but it will only grin and say, “He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.” You’ll die wondering whom the monster quoted.

The Gangrel are the ultimate survivors. Close to the Beast and close to the bone, they’re primal. No. Feral! They’re tough, shrugging off what should be terrible wounds as the weapons harmlessly thunk in their dead flesh. They’re out there, and you can’t do a damn thing about them. More than any other clan,they are a reminder that the greatest lie the Devil ever told was, “Congratulations, you escaped the food chain!”

Where do they come from? Fuck you! That’s where. Ask the sun where it comes from. Ask the moon. Ask Ekhidna, BabaYaga, and Enkidu. Their history is the space between sharp teeth and your throat. They are the ripping, barking now-now now! Still want the stories? Best get rambling. Hit the freeways, highways, rails, trails, and cornfields lovely, dark, and deep. Read the runic rhymes on ancient stone. Riddles written on the walls of moaning alleys. Fragments of epics scratched into condom machines in gas station bathrooms. Seek out the oral traditions, echoed by the bleating herd. Ask the meth-head trucker about that black dog that harshed his buzz. Ask about the Unholy and her crows. The Gangrel make more bogeymen amongst their Kindred, per capita, and that’s a fact. They are the voice in the bog. They are the thirsty earth.They are the reason men discovered fire. They are all mouths on the devouring road.

In the Covenants
The Carthian Movement: Change is a savage enterprise. The dead don’t like new ideas, but the Gangrel are dynamic in a vicious sort of way. They are the roar of the revolution and themessengers of the movement, traveling city to city. Some began as souls too wild to domesticate. Others are former hounds of the First Estate, tired of their masters’ abuse. Their nature confounds the tactics of the establishment. How do you threaten the havens of those who sleep in the earth? How do you bring the heat down on those who can skip town at a moment’s notice?

The Circle of the Crone: Whole murders of Gangrel perch in the Mother’s Army. The clan’s oral tradition teems with fierce mother figures like Ekhidna. Young Savages are easy recruits. Primal bloodsings in tune with primordial magic. Hierophants lead Wild Hunts in the form of howling wolves. Feral witches roar to the stars and tap the wisdom of the dark earth. Who better to explore what itis to be a monster, than those so intimate with the Beast?

The Invictus: For all of their cagey instincts, road lust, andhunger for freedom, some Gangrel respond well to strong alphas.And who is more alpha than the First Estate? These Gangrelfind their niches as the knights and growling hounds of lordsand ladies. But some rise higher. They learn to translate theirpredatory natures to politics. They attain savage nobility. For sotoo does the Invictus respond well to alphas, and who is moreelementally alpha than the get of lion gods and demon wolves?

The Lancea et Sanctum: Some Gangrel get religious when they realize they can call all of God’s beasts to his vengeful purpose. The Savages make useful converts to the Chapel and the Spear. Who better to travel the world’s hidden places in the search of relics? Faith molds people, and monsters are made ofeven more malleable clay. Some Gangrel become bestial seraphs, the wings of bats and owls ripping from out their backs. Some angels have more cause than others to say, “Be not afraid.”

The Ordo Dracul: The Gangrel fascinate the Dragons. More often than not, it is the Order that approaches the Gangrel. Their protean bodies merit study. Endless variation that breaks the monotony of the eternally dead flesh. The Savages have more to offer the Dragons than just the physical. Creatures willing to leave behind their physical identities attain the sort of mindset needed to chase the elusive mysteries of the Ordo Dracul. Who better to evolve the Curse? Who else has that elemental audacity?

Why You Want To Be Us
With the other clans, you’re all afraid of your Beast. Oh, it’ll get me into trouble. Oh, it’ll kill the people I care about. Woe is fucking you. No. As a Gangrel, you can’t be stopped and you don’t want to stop. The creatures of the wild run with you, and even better, you can strip away your disguise of human flesh and become one of them.

Why You Should Fear Us
See that business about being unstoppable. We’re serious there. The beast comes at you, you unload your last three bullets into it ,it doesn’t die, doesn’t stop, doesn’t flinch. And oh, yeah, it brought friends. The night has a thousand mouths. Say goodbye to your entrails.

Why We Should Fear Ourselves
Self is a precious thing. Surrendering to, or even using, the Beast the way we do means sacrificing our sense of self to our inner hungers. Even our bodies are no longer our own, as we grow grotesque claws or transform into mist. It’s not only in our minds, but swimming under our skins. There is no escape from the Beast, not for our prey and certainly not for ourselves.

Clan Bane
(The Feral Curse): The Beast lethargically coils under the R-Complex of most Kindred. But you and the Beast are as thick as thieves. It rises and rips out of your skin to protect you from the bad, bad world. But it has a price. It’s harder to resist the Beast’s call, harder still to remember why you should even want to.

Archeologist, bodyguard, bumpkin, circuit rider, guru, mercenary, nomad, shaman, survivalist, urban predator, zookeeper.

Steriotypes of Others
• Daeva: Watch the peacock eat its own wings to make itself tame.
• Mekhet: The shivering Shadows are always watching. So we just ramble to places they fear to go.
• Nosferatu: The abandoned, half-finished sculptures of a lazy Beast.
• Ventrue: Heya, little brother. Did you know that you’ll last only as long as their termite towers? That’d make me nervous, staring down the mouth of forever.


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