Mekhet: The One’s You Can’t See


Quote: “I know you can’t hear me, but this is how you are going to die…”
Nickname: Shadows
Favored Attributes: Intelligence or Wits
Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate
Something dead approaches. In its hollowed-out insides, there is an event horizon that swallows light, sound, and all knowing. Why do we find missing items, where we already looked, only after we’ve accused our loved ones? Is there a silhouette on the other side of the shower curtain? We can’t leap out of the shower at every imagined sight. What hides behind that acceptance? Ignore the writing on the fogged mirror. Why are we running, in the streets, from a feeling? This is silly. Cold hands pull us down. We scream. No one helps. They just walk by. What in the Twilight Zone fuck is going on?

The Mekhet are often quiet, often invisible, and yet they see everything. Spies and prophets, they go where they will and learn what they want to. No secret is safe from the Mekhet We are the Y incision cut into this dark, dark world,” whispers a voice. “Shall we loosen our stitches?”

In the Covenants
The Carthian Movement:
The Movement is all about the signal. Often, visibility is preferred to stealth. But when the fighting gets dirty, the Revolution needs Shadows. Reporters and spies, the Mekhet are the ones to unlock all of the establishment’s hidden closets and become intimate with every skeleton within. They get the juicy details to broadcast over the Cacophony. They are the whistleblowers piping at decibels only their fellow Beasts can hear. Who better to go muckraking in this weird world?

The Circle of the Crone: The Mekhet cannot help but seek ou tocculted secrets. Some are willing to dive into the pitch dark of the Crone’s maw in order to seize those secrets. The Mother’s Army, in turn, finds use for the Shadows. Their inquisitive minds take to blood sorcery with a frightening alacrity. The feverish beat of the Crone’s drums can quicken even the icy passions of a Shadow. Some Mekhet can even leave their bodies and take to the spiritual plane during rituals. Isn’t magic more fun when you’re dead?

The Invictus: Who better to enforce the Conspiracy of Silence? Mekhet make fine spymasters for the First Estate. The only downside is that they are too good at this function, making covenant members of other clans nervous. Shadows often serveas agents and advisors, but some rise quite high. How terrifyingis the prince who might know your every transgression at a glance? A Shadow prince might walk amongst his Kindred, wearing their faces. When a Firebrand baits you by asking your opinion of your liege…how can you be sure?

The Lancea et Sanctum: Some Mekhet come for the magic, and find religious zeal afterwards. The Sanctified are happy to induct a Shadow, as she can touch a relic and fathom its deepest secrets. Who knows what sins lurk in the minds of mortals? Who better to give the Lord’s Judgment? Who else has the all-seeing eyes of God?

The Ordo Dracul: Simply put, the Order needs the Mekhet. It is the Shadows who can best sniff out dragon nests, and it is the Shadows most likely to determine the nature and use of those nests. Their supernatural senses are invaluable in the Order’s experiments. The Mekhet can more directly see what other members of the covenant grope for in the dark with countless rounds of trial and error (mostly error). With the Shadows ’natural obsession for riddle-solving, symbol-deciphering, and delving into mysteries best left alone, the Order hardly needs to give them orders. It merely has to let the Mekhet be.

Why You Want To Be Us
Go anywhere, see anything, know it all. Some people fear the shadows, but you are the Shadow. Cloak yourself in secrets and intrigue…or just watch. You like to watch.

Why You Should Fear Us
The Mekhet are watching you sleep. No, really, they are. Theyfind your breathing quite beautiful, and the way you turn overto the other side when some fierce dream grips you. One mightlive in your house, an unseen roommate. Wonder why you’retired in the morning? Midnight snack. Wonder how your wife found out about the girl from Kinko’s? The Mekhet dropped a little hint.

Why We Should Fear Ourselves
We know ourselves by the way that others know us. TheMekhet become something less by hiding. Our identityloses all context. And what about knowing everyone’ssecrets? That means knowing some very bad things.It can be distinctly unpleasant to see what people arelike beneath their masks; and for the Mekhet, thereare no masks. More than any other clan, the Mekhetknow there are things weirder than vampires outthere. Ignorance was bliss.

Steriotypes of Others
• Daeva: Suffering unnatural lust towards a Serpent? Just lookinto her soul. Clears that right up.
• Gangrel: The Man and the Beast are having an amiable picnicin that Savage’s head. It’s rather disturbing.
• Nosferatu: You look how the Daeva feel.
• Ventrue: Those with the most schemes are always the mostnervous when we walk into a room.

Clan Bane (The Tenebrous Curse):
Whispering shades and forgotten lore lurk in your blood. Secrets and information distill down to a weird substance in your Vitae. Attuned to the otherworldly, vampire banes express themselves more quickly in you. Sunlight, fire, and the long slumber of torpor pull at your dead body with a stronger tide.

Antiquities scholar, assassin, Casanova, diplomat, enforcer, fence, ghetto Harpy, pilgrim, policeman, power behind the praxis, seer mekhet.


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