Nosferatu: The One’s You Fear


Quote: “Every time you dangled a foot over the bed’s edge, you made a promise. I’m collecting.”
Nickname: Haunts
Favored Attributes: Composure or Strength
Clan Disciplines: Nightmare, Obfuscate, Vigor
Something dead approaches. You shouldn’t even know that it’s there. But you do! Imagine them all lurking, the sad monsters. Just hanging around unseen. Trying to feel like part of the surrounding humanity. They sit in cafes. They go to movies. They ride in cabs next to people on their way to the airport. Pretend they’re having conversations with the warm folk. Yet, their curse weeps like a cyst. People get the creeps. They don’t know why. You wake up with a horrid taste in your throat, thinking you swallowed a statistical spider. You don’t see the thing hanging above your face, drooling with longing. Oh, you would quiver to know what it would take to make a sad monster glad.

All vampires should be feared, but the Nosferatu control fear. They might look horrifying, or they might look like anyone else ,but there’s something about them. Something of the grave, something of the deep places that writhe with too many eyes and limbs and fingers that are not fingers, something just…wrong.

In The Covenants
The Carthian Movement
: Sometimes, the politics of change are the politics of fear. The people should not be afraid of their government. The government should be afraid of its dead. Underground networks and subterranean lairs are handy things when taking on the Man. Who better to wage guerrilla war on the entrenched establishment? Who better to initiate a reign of terror?

The Circle of the Crone: Some Haunts look at their own visages and see a reflection of the Crone. Divinity is terrible for mortals to look upon. These hags and hierophants preach that they are blessed with a divine beauty recognized by eyes ancient and deep that operate under different aesthetics. The Nosferatu murmur about the Gods Below. Why not worship the Hidden Ones more directly? Who better to become a perfect monster than one unfettered by a human face?

The Invictus: The First Estate knows the value of Haunt agents. Some Nosferatu creep to great heights. There are cities where rat lords and worm ladies hold nightmare court below. The Invictus of other clans are forced to descend, to speak courtesies on gritted teeth to the Haunt lackeys who guide them down, hoping the wretches do not abandon them in the dark. What was that Machiavelli said about fear?

The Lancea et Sanctum: Some Haunts look at their visages and see the faces of demons. Religion comes easy after that. In centuries past, Nosferatu serving the Spear carried sickness and pestilence as the wrath of Heaven upon humanity. Terrorizing sinners comes so easy to them. This gives their horrible curse a purpose. What wretch would not want to learn that her malady serves a divine plan? Who better to instill the fear of God? Who more fully embodies a divine plague on mankind?

The Ordo Dracul: Seclusion, and something to contemplate to fill that seclusion, suits the Nosferatu. The Haunts have strong stomachs and adjust quickly to performing grotesque surgeries and disturbing procedures. Underground sanctums make for ideal laboratories, and Dragons know the value of recruiting local Haunts. Some Nosferatu toil their nights away, subjecting themselves to all manner of esoteric experiments ,trying to fix their twisted forms, or transcend them and enter the next stage of change. Who would be more driven to subvert his Curse?

Why You Want To Be Us
Never back down. Look the biggest, baddest guy you know in the eye and he’ll look away first .Even in the city’s most dangerous places, people give you a wide berth. Want to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers? Done and done. Want to scare the shit out of your asshole brother-in-law? Brother, it’s easy.

Why You Should Fear Us
You don’t get a choice in the face of the Nosferatu. You can’t be brave. Your fear isn’t yours; it’s his, and he can mold it as he wishes. You will quake. You will cower. You will run. And you can’t do a damn thing about it. Terror, real terror, is not sweaty palms, pounding hearts, and screams — these are incidental. Terror is the stripping away of every construct of ego and society, all the things we like to think about ourselves. The Haunts have the power to tear that curtain down and force you to look at what’s hiding there. And nobody, but nobody, likes what they see.

Why We Should Fear Ourselves
Better to be feared than loved? Maybe, but Machiavelli was presuming the prince had a choice. The Nosferatu don’t have that choice. They’ll always be outsiders among outsiders; and even if they can wield that as a weapon, it’s a weapon that can cut back. Isolation is their lot, and isolation feeds the Beast.

Steriotypes of Others
• Daeva: The Serpents tempt with spoiled fruit. We worms hide inside, eating your apple to the core.
• Gangrel: For us, the worst has fallen that can befall. For them, it’s still crawling out of their skins
• Mekhet: They are the silence. We are the stage whisper.
• Ventrue: There is a moment — after the meticulous planning, the flawless execution, the perfect victory — a moment of triumphant respite. That is where we nest, in the shadow between seconds, waiting for you.

Clan Bane (The Lonely Curse):
You are an avatar of disgust. Dread and discomfort oozes from you, scabbing everything over in the putrid film of your rotting soul’s exhaust. Your body is warped, or the world around you warps. This could manifestin ways grotesque or subtle. Fear and all its gibbering siblings come easy for you. Most other forms of social communion do not. Yours is a lonely Requiem.

Bogeyman, circus freak, crude sadist, guardian angel, leg-breaker, parvenu, petty thief, rat king, reclusive eccentric, snitch, sycophantic servant.


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