If a single position can be considered to be nearly as ubiquitous
and representative of Kindred politics as the Prince, it is
the Primogen. The Primogen (singular as well as plural) officially
serve as the Prince’s advisory council on matters of policy.
The precise nature of that council varies from domain to domain.
If the Prince is both strong and especially tyrannical,
the Primogen might be little more than a formality, a conclave
of elders who serve to rubberstamp whatever the Prince
wishes to do. In most domains, they serve as true advisors,
and most wise Princes try to take that advice into account
whenever possible, not merely because the advice might be
good, but to avoid angering an entire group of elders. Some
Primogen are powerful enough (or the Prince they advise weak
enough) that they can actually overrule the Prince on certain
matters. A few Primogen actually rule their cities, either
through a figurehead Prince or openly as a governing body.

The precise size and nature of the Primogen varies. Some
are informal, meeting in shadowy back rooms when the
situation requires, arguing out whatever issue brings them
together. Others cleave to a schedule and procedures for
speaking, often appearing much like a governing board, a
congress, an old-fashioned Greco-Roman senate, an ecclesiastic
council or any other form of organization imaginable.
Said councils can range from a mere three or so vampires
in small communities to large advisory bodies, which
may consist of a dozen or more Kindred.

For the most part, the Primogen consist of those local elders
who have sufficient power to claim a seat. Also common
are those Primogen who decide among themselves
whom to admit into their ranks. More rarely, a Prince might
select members of his advisory council, but this occurs only
in cities where the Prince is especially strong and the
Primogen especially weak. Most Primogen contain a mix of
members of various clans and covenants, though some are
more homogenous, depending on the domain. That is, the
Primogen in a city largely dominated by Carthians is likely
to have more Carthian members than any others, and the
Primogen in a city where the Gangrel are persecuted is unlikely
to have many Gangrel members.

Other Titles
The vast majority of these councils (and council members)
go by the title Primogen, but they are sometimes known as
Boards, Circles, Senates, Tribunals or simply as advisors.


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