Quote: “I’m the Siren Song and I’m the jagged rocks too. Crash into me.”
Nickname: Serpents, Succubi
Favored Attributes: Dexterity or Manipulation
Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Vigor
Something dead approaches. It isn’t dangerous because it’s strong — and it’s ungodly strong. It isn’t dangerous because it’s fast — and, oh Christ, it’s fast! It’s dangerous because the prey see something beautiful in it. The prey want to be devoured. These dead things sway, as fascinating as bioluminescence in the endless dark. They are the smoking mirror. They are the glowing orb at the end of a stalk, dangling over a great, glass fanged mouth. The Daeva are all allure and objectification. They embod ythe social horror of vampirism more elementally than anyother clan, because they exploit mortal hungers to feed their immortal ones. They are exploitation. They do not hide so much as clothe themselves in the images we’ve constructed —of beauty and charm. They co-opt all the things we want to be and want to fuck. The Serpents arose from the sticky musk of the ancient world. River tides teased the gaping valleys to frothing fertility. The elder nights throbbed with temple music. Priests and priestesses practiced their love arts for coin — communion of the cunt and the cock. There was no difference between god and demonor sex and worship. In that space between, the Daeva curse gestated. They reveled in that time and place where deities cared enough to do horrible things to you directly. But the world turned. The capital “G” God changed the paradigm. When they could no longer be gods, the Daeva became succubi an incubi. The world turned again. Tonight, when it is no longer practical to be a demon, the Daeva become zeitgeists. They are the walking dead

In the Covenants
The Carthian Movement: The Daeva are the mouths of the Revolution. Their tongues turn ethos into contagion, stoke mobs into wildfire. The Serpents are the recruiters of the Revolution.The Firebrands of other clans know that you need at least one Daeva around. The feeding is good for the Serpents among the Carthians, as they swallow blood and fervor in equal measure. And the feeding for everyone else is better when they’re around. And when violence must carry the politics of change, who else is so terrifyingly fast and bone-crunchingly strong?

The Circle of the Crone: Some of the most importan tvoices in the Crone’s choir belong to the Serpents. It is the wise hierophant who keeps them close. The Daeva’s presence makes rituals grander, the spirituality more real, the air of a wild hunt more tangible. It’s easier to believe. They are the maenads who inspire orgiastic revel. They put the romance back into sparagmos. Who better to lead by example in the ecstatic emulation of the perfect vampire?

The Invictus: The Daeva function well in the middle of a web. They know just how to pluck the strands. They know all the right vibrations. Their grandeur adds an air of legitimacy to the polite rituals and courtly behavior of the First Estate, making it all a better misdirection for the blackmail and backstabbing behind the velvet curtains. Who are the masters of the tyrannous emotions that control us all? Who looks more fetching in a crown?

The Lancea et Sanctum: The immortal passions of the Daeva can bend into religious ecstasy of a frightful intensity. Their sermons wash over the laity like a tidal wave. They haveperched for so long on both the right and the left shoulders of humanity. Who, in motion, are more like angels or succubi? Who knows the exact point where divinity and perversion bisect? Who knows the sinners so intimately? Who better to tempt the mortals than the Serpents?

The Ordo Dracul: The Order is an ill fit for many Daeva. Yet those who get a taste for it become hooked, like mortals addicted to cosmetic surgery. The pain and danger and transcendence. More! Always more. These Serpents want to shed their skins and see what holy blasphemies may come. They are the charismatic gurus who underground fighting rings materialize around. They are the cult leaders who can convince their followers to do unspeakable things for knowledge. Who so envies the humans, yet clutches her own immorality? Who would do anything to have it both ways?

Why You Want To Be Us
You move wicked quick. You look great doing it. You get to go to all the best parties, whether that means being a charismatic cult leader, a rock star, or motherfucking Bruce Wayne. You have the power of everyone who ever turned you down in life.You roll human frailties and smoke them like cloves. You don’t even have to take, because everyone’s giving. But you can still take if you want to. Just knowing you can pull someone apar twith your bare hands is all the rush one needs. Usually.

Why You Should Fear Us
The Serpents offer the thing you want, but their real evil is that they actually give it to you. Had a rough breakup, need to cry on somebody’s shoulder? A Daeva will offer you hers. Desperately want to nail that guy with the long hair? He’ll sleep with you, don’t worry. All she wants in exchange is her teeth on your neck. The Daeva control one of the keystones of human misery: wanting, and the hollow curse of getting what we once wanted.

Why We Should Fear Ourselves
Like people who hunt sex to the deliberate exclusion of love, the Daeva are ultimately broken by their single mindedness.They pursue things that make them feel alive (blood, sex, food they have to puke up later) at the expense of the things that give living people meaning and stable happiness.

Clan Bane
Clan Bane (The Wanton Curse): You taste the romance in all things, but none somuch as blood. Mortals are not just food. They are your obsession, and that fixation grows with every sip. Drink more than once, from any mortal, and you risk becoming emotionally dependant on your prey.

Bored socialite, club hopper, club owner, cult leader, cultured serial killer, full-time Harpy, jaded vampire who gets off on being a creature of the night (a fairly melodramatic attitude found only among the very young before the weight of the Requiem fully settles on them), Kindred politico, local covenant spokesman, patron of the arts, professional “escort”.

Stereotypes Of Others
• Gangrel: It’s so precious, how relentlessly theychase the prey. Must be exhausting.
• Mekhet: They call us shallow. We call themconcave.
• Nosferatu: All in all, and I have to thinkthat strumming love is more cruel thantickling fear.
• Ventrue: Give them a series of puerileachievements to attain, and they’llactually think they’re winning.


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