Ventrue: The One’s You Can’t Deny


Quote: “There’s no need to struggle. It’s Already over.”
Nickname: Lords
Favored Attributes: Presence or Resolve
Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Resilience
Something dead approaches. It moves with the calm of someone who already knows the outcome. It stalks as bold as a revenant lion. Bullets and threats slide off its skin, raindrops on obsidian. Eyes like the tinted windows of a luxury car,mouth like an iron maiden, smile like a blood-stained crown. Those tinted windows roll down. Its words violate you. You’ll put that gun to your head if it asks. Its voice is full of chainsand meat hooks. You dance like a marionette, as it leads with all the grace of storybook nobility. In obeisance and despair you realize Prince Charming is Bluebeard.

The Ventrue are rulers, yes, but more than that they’re winners. They’re the best and the darkest, the lords and generals of the night. They don’t ask, they take. You start, they finish. They come, they see, they crush.

In the Covenants

  • The Carthians:* The Ventrue win. Victory is sweeter than blood. And what game is more engrossing than taking on the house? Some Lords join the Revolution more for the challenge than for ideological fervor. Firebrands who value the Lord’s input know the difference between succeeding and just vomiting ethos. Being a champion of the masses can be addictive.

The Circle of the Crone: Lords of men and beasts, some Ventrue expand their mastery of the world by bending occult forces to their will. Becoming one with the dark earth, they make themselves into witch-kings and witch-queens. The Lords like to connect their Blood to deities, and some find this urge satisfied by becoming avatars of the Crone and all ofher many faces.

The Invictus: There are those, handicapped by an overreliance on stereotypes, who say the Invictus is the covenant designed for the Ventrue. They would not be wrong. All the best qualities of the Lord’s Blood are highlighted and encouraged by the First Estate. Who so elementally manifests the ideals of the Invictus? Who else is Manifest Destiny made flesh and fang?

The Lancea et Sanctum: Some Ventrue know that their inherent superiority comes at a price. They must guide their lesser cousins. How better than as spiritual authorities? No, don’t thank us. The work is reward enough. Some Sanctified Ventrue have an iron-clad faith in a higher power. And somemore jaded Lords believe the only higher power is themselves. These latter still find value in the Second Estate, for the clergy of any society are a sure path to power. Who else is so like the Almighty, so as to better understand His will?

The Ordo Dracul: For creatures so well equipped and so driven to master the world around them, it must be infuriating for the Ventrue to have so little control over their Beasts, banes, and the Curse within. How can you rule others if you cannot rule your own Curse? Some Ventrue join the Order and study their mystical arts with a frightening obsession. Step by step,they take praxis over their vampire bodies, just as they would take over a city, block by block. Also, Dracula is something of a hero to many young Lords. Who else among the dead has won out so completely?

Why you want to be us
Oh, come on. You’ve never wanted to run the show? You’ve never wanted to go into a conflict knowing you’ll come out on top? Of course you have; and as a Ventrue, you will.

Why you should fear us
The Gangrel might chase you down, but the Ventrue walks calmly towards you, shrugging off your pathetic attempts to hurt him. No weapon or words will stop him, but his quiet voice will freeze you where you stand. He’s going to get what he wants, and it doesn’t matter who gets hurt, because it won’t be him.

Why we should fear ourselves
What if no one could say no to you? Maybe it would feel great at first. For many of the Ventrue, it does. They command their lessers, and are unquestioned. But what resentments lurk behind those mesmerized eyes? Again, better to be feared than loved…but what if the Ventrue are just despised?

Stereotypes of Others:
• Daeva: Forever is wasted on those trapped in the tunnel ofimmediate gratification.
• Gangrel: We are the monarchs of lesser beasts, we do notbecome them.
• Mekhet: “Knowledge is power,” he sneered to me. So I madehim sing everything he knew to me in falsetto.
• Nosferatu: If fear is your only tool, then every problem startsscreaming.

Clan Bane (The Aloof Curse):
Excellence breeds contempt. When people are puppets for your will and buildings are play pieces on a grand game board, it is hard not to become distant. It is so very easy for you to become detached from those people, places, and things that keep the Man secure in your breast.

Corporate CEO, crooked cop, gang chief, military officer, old-time ward boss, patron of the arts, political consultant, rave promoter, realtor, society matron, technical wizard.


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